Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I havent been very good at keeping this up to date but plan to start!
My bears have changed a fair bit since starting this blog and so have I.I had an accident if february which left me with a mangled leg with lots of titanium screws and rods etc.Its changed my view of life as I was very lucky to survive.
I plan to live life differently from now on and do more of the things I have always wanted too.
I will start keeping this up to date too!

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Debora said...

Diane, I am so happy you are writing on your blog again. I love to see your creations, and your writing always makes me smile.

It's good to have a wake-up call every now and again about life and how it is fleeting, how it can be easy or hard. So glad you've mended!

Bear hugs to you from Colorado,
Debora xoxo (New Avenue Crew)