Sunday, 19 May 2013

wee scone mini bear show

Well its been a while but Im on here again at last.
I decided to try a little bear show ,just like I used to many years ago.
I have enjoyed making this wee group after making  mostly dogs and other animals for the last couple of years.
The bears are available directly from me ..prices and details below.Postage will be $8 per bear.

Liquorice 6 inch $130 liquorice sold  ,Ginger snap 7.5 inch $150  ginger snap sold  ,Noisette 3.75inch $95 Noisette sold ,Caramel 5 inch $120 and Nougat 5.5 inch $130 Nougat sold
They are all made with dense hand dyed mohair,glass eyes and silk stitched noses.Fully jointed and filled with cotton and steel shot.
I have used vintage lace for their little outfits and have gently aged them.

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