Saturday, 12 April 2008

april the 12th

In memory of my late brother who was a wonderful artist I am having an arty day.I want to design my first dolly and will post any worthwhile designs.

Its pouring here in scotland and the scottish word Dreach is very apt.

The beautiful blue tiger was one of his works .He sadly died this day 16 years ago and I miss him as much as ever.


Karen said...

Hello Diane, I just found your blog . . . the tiger is absolutely gorgeous. A stunning work of Art. Talent and creativity obviously runs in the family. I am sure he would be just as proud of your work ! hugs, Karen xoxoxo

Debbie said...

This artwork of your brother's is exquisite! I know you miss him, even after 16 years.

Big bear hugs to you! ~Debora