Friday, 11 April 2008

Wee Scone Bears


My name is Diane Kennedy and I have been making collector teddies for 13 years now.I live in a tiny wee village in Scotland and share my home with my daughter (when homefrom uni) four lovely dogs a not so lovely cat and forty fish.

I make as many of my bears from vintage fabrics as I can and they are all oneof a kind.The bears are well travelled and I have them in 14 different countries now.Sadly I dont get to visit.

I would like to share my bear making days with any of you interested and post pictures of my inspirations as well as the bear making proccess and of course the end results.

I am going to attempt my first doll this weekend.I have ahd a lifelong fear of the wee scooters so this is quite an ambition.I always had furry babies in my pram as a child and feel so lucky to get to make and sell them for a living.

The bear on the right was made with 100 year old mohair which was a trial to sew but I like the end result.

I will sign off for today before I make any spelling mistakes.See you soon.


collector24 said...

Diane, you are a wonderful artist!
Wee Scones are absolutely fabulous!
It is nearly impossible to collect just one- they are so addictive! Love them! Good luck with your blogspot! :)
Big Hugs, Bonnie xx

Louise Peers said...

Welcome to blog world Diane .Looks very nice so far .I will add your blog link to mine ,
Louise xx

Karen said...

Hello Diane! Welcome to the land of blogging. I will add you to my links. Looking forward to seeing your first doll. ~ Karen ~ Ciderantiques.

TinyBear said...

Hi Diane. Congratulations with you new blog. Looks great. I will ad your blog to mine. Many bear hugs, Tina

hayleybell said...

I just made this so I could ridicule yours but you haven't said anything that funny...what a dissapointment.
Byee xxxxxxx

Brenda said...

Hi Diane,
Just got home from holiday and found your blog - it's about time LOL! Your bear is wonderful.