Saturday, 31 May 2008

31st may

I am a wee bit early with this 4rth of july bear but his colour seemed just right.He is made with bristly antique fur and vintage silk.I have copied the old american stick bear look .I hope you like him.He is on ebay now.

Diane xxx


collector24 said...

Adorable stick bear! Such a beautiful blue color! :)
Hugs, Bonnie xx

TinyBear said...

He is adorable Diane. I just love that color - in fact I´m doing one in the same color right now :o)- the most amazing color. I hope he´s doing good on Ebay.Hugs, Tina

~Country Bears~ said...

Hi Diane,

Been missing seeing your lovely bears, and then found your blog and have been enjoying them!! Hope all is good with you xx