Tuesday, 13 May 2008

may the 12 a new flump

I just finished this rather exotic elephant.I have called her sultana as she is distinctly indian looking.She is on ebay now.

I am trying not to look outside at the sunshine and get on with my panda.

Hugs Diane xxx


Anonymous said...

Sultana is a cutie! Hey, why not take your panda outside in the sun with you? C'mon, Diane... :-)


diane kennedy said...

Thanks Deborah,
I always end up losing an ear as its so windy here.If Its a big bear I often sew the body outside.Your blog is fab by the way.I nhave to find time to sort mine out.I hope you are well.
Hugs Diane xx

Anonymous said...

Ah, it's windy here, too. I keep all my bears' pieces in a plastic bag so I don't lose anything...otherwise, I would. :-) My problem is that my eyes are too poor now and I need lighted magnification to work on bears. I'm only 40! Pooh. I remember when I lived in California I completed a bear called Crumpet while I sat at a picnic table on the Santa Monica pier. Now that was a joy.

I'm glad you like my blog! I need to write more on it and get up some more pics...and I need to make a bear! :-) I think yours is a fun blog; I love seeing what you're up to, and your personality is such fun that you can just write a bit and share pictures and people will definitely enjoy it.

Bear hugs,

All Bear said...

Flump indeed! She's a majestic masterpiece! Beautiful work Diane, as always!

diane kennedy said...

Thanks Deborah and Paula.
Santa monica pier eh??/that must have been a special bear!!!
Majestic is praise indeed Paul.
Hugs Diane xx