Wednesday, 14 May 2008

may 14th pandamonium

Aernt pandas hard to name???I have run out of clever names and resorted to silly fripperie.

Swee-ti (not sweaty by the way)is a fluffy wee number and on ebay tonight.

I have missed all the best tennis shots making her today.Tennis is not a good thing to try and watch while sewing,my head has been up and down like a nodder.

Nadal ,Moya and Monaco won so it was a good day.

Hugs Diane xxx


Anonymous said...

Diane, I just love this panda. You have a way with pandas; they just speak to me. :-) Now if I could only coax them to come live with me. Hee-hee!

Hope you're doing well!

Hugs from Colorado, where it's windy and wet...sounds a bit like Scotland. :-)


collector24 said...

Fabulous Panda! Love him! :)
Hugs, Bonnie xx